A Short List of Projects

Duplicity B2 Backend

BackBlaze B2 is a reasonably cheap cloud hosting service. Duplicity is a backup program. When B2 entered beta, I signed up and wrote a backend to use B2 with duplicity.

The source is here, but the backend has been integrated upstream, so any future changes will go there.

According to an email thread with Backblaze’s CEO, it’s one of the most used open source integrations with B2.

CWRU ACM Hosting

A simple hosting service I put together with Docker, Systemd, and Bash. It takes advantage of weird quirks in how CWRU does networking to assign case.edu subdomains to sites.

It currently hosts websites for more than 10 student groups.


A simple Gitlab server for the CWRU campus. Not much else to see here.

OX Dashboard

Not actually my project, but I have contributed a number of improvements. Rather than managing our greek life chapter via spreadsheets and email, a brother wrote a web-app to complete common tasks.

I have contributed miscellaneous code improvements (including login integration with CWRU Single Sign On) and a new online, email based system to track house details (chores) and fines.

Rust CAS

A rust library for integration with CAS, used by CWRU Single Sign On.