This page lists some simple information about me in case anyone ever creates a Wikipedia page about me and needs to cite something. Here it goes: Matthew Bentley Full name Matthew Thomas Bentley Born 21 Aug 1995 Seattle, WA, USA High School Seattle Preparatory School Seattle, WA 2010 - 2014 College Case Western Reserve University Cleveland, OH 2014 - 2018? Occupation Student/Software Developer/Entrepreneur Experience See resume Marital Status Not married

About this blog

Since this will partially be a technical blog, I want to spend some time talking about this blog. I wrote an overview for the about page, so go there if you want a really quick overview.


About Hi. My name is Matthew Bentley. I am currently (as of March 2016) a student at Case Western Reserve University. I generally use this site to write down anything I wish to say that is too long for a couple tweets. Hopefully, as we move into 2015, that will be at least a couple posts per week. Well, that certainly didn’t happen. Before anyone asks, this site is made with ghost, using the Pixeltraveller theme.