Hi. My name is Matthew Bentley. I am currently (as of March 2016) a student at Case Western Reserve University.

I generally use this site to write down anything I wish to say that is too long for a couple tweets. Hopefully, as we move into 2015, that will be at least a couple posts per week. Well, that certainly didn’t happen.

Before anyone asks, this site is made with ghost, using the Pixeltraveller theme. It is running in the ghost docker image behind nginx on an Ubuntu DigitalOcean droplet. The dns for my domain is hosted with dns.he.net. IPv6 support can be added as soon as somebody asks, or when I have time.

I have made a few changes. This blog now uses Hugo, a static site generator, and is hosted on DigitalOcean with FreeBSD using plain nginx. The Hugo theme is here. The DNS and IPv6 comments still stand.


email: matthew@bentley.link
Twitter: @MatteoTom
IRL: Find me in Cleveland or Seattle, or email me and we can get coffee

My Resume

In case anyone wants to make a wikipedia page about me, here’s some basic info to cite.

Unless otherwise stated, all writing and pictures may be used under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License and all code (including this site) is available under the MIT license.