USB Armory USB mass storage and ethernet

The default image for the USB Armory defaults to using the g_ether driver to provide an ethernet device to the host. However, that does not give you a USB mass storage device. The alternative is to modrpobe -r g_ether and modprobe g_mass_storage file=/path/to/block/device, but that leaves you without ethernet, and thus without a method of communicating with the armory.

USB Armory

I just got my newest toy: the USB Armory by Inverse Path. Rather then me tell you about it, I’ll let the creators do that: It has 512mb of ram, a Cortex A8 800Mhz CPU, and uses a micro SD card for storage. Here is the official website, and here is the Crowd Supply project (which already ended). I just got mine yesterday, and will spend some time using it and update you on the progress.